Jul 012014

Thursday Timeout doesn’t have the same ‘ring’ to it was Tuesday Timeouts so I made the decision to switch back. It’s been a while since I blogged and I want to ramble before getting in to the normal Tuesday update stuff.

In my last Time (the doomed Thursday attempt) one of my goals was to take my meds every day. When doing this becomes a struggle for me ALL other goals suffer. So when I started faltering I stopped worrying about tracking food or working out. For the past six weeks I have been focusing on medication and water intake above all else. I’m happy to report that save for a few missed days (mostly mornings) I have been successful! I mentioned water intake because holyfreakingcrap do bipolar meds dry your body out. I won’t go in to the ugly details but water + meds go hand in hand for me or things get ugly fast.

It’s been a busy 6 weeks! My cat, Olivia, got sick and ended up having surgery and then while she was recovering I got sick. Adjusting to Ohio weather and allergy triggers (yo tree pollen, I’m looking at you) finally caught up with me and I was laid up for a week on the couch with a head cold that was threatening to migrate down in to my chest. My boyfriend was appalled at the amount of tissue I went through although I think he found parts of how I coped amusing. There was always 3 to 5 drinks at my side! Water, tea, coffee, Powerade, and sometimes a soda.

Do you drink soda when you’re sick? I find the bubbles soothing on my throat and feel like colas help with mucus residue. This is probably not true but as someone who has a perpetually itchy throat I do what I have to do to. Luckily we had already set up a futon in the second bedroom so we were both able to get some sleep and I could keep a close eye on Oli while she was recovering from surgery. Luckily she is fine now and all the concerns about kidney and thyroid functions are cleared up although the first two weeks afterwards I was terrified I had lost my sweet easy going cat forever. She attacked me viciously and almost got her claws in the repairman who was here to fix the leaking air conditioner. That is a story in and of itself but I will skip it because the memory of stinky wet carpet and a hot day aren’t all that interesting.

In other news I have started work. YAY!! And after 3 weeks of trying to acclimate to a dayshift schedule I am finally back on nights. Double YAY!! Having nearly 6 weeks off after moving was a blessing in disguise though. Nick and I needed that time together. He telecommutes so we were able to really get to know each other in a face-to-face fashion and find a routine that works well for us. I do most of the cooking, dishes, and laundry… he takes out the trash, makes coffee, feeds the animals, and handles most of our finances. Things might change a little bit now that I’m back on nights (he works nights too) but all in all I think we’ve hit our stride as a couple.

I turned 30 in June and because of our conflicting schedules Nick and I weren’t able to celebrate until last weekend. Our original plan was to go to LaRosa’s for gluten free pizza and then go see The Edge of Tomorrow but plans changed at the last minute and we went to Outback Steakhouse since I had never been. The gluten free menu was ok. There was a decent amount of choices when it came to entrees but their sides were lacking. All vegetables had to be ordered without seasoning and mashed potatoes weren’t an option. I ended up having Victoria’s Filet and Lobster Tail with a baked potato and roasted broccoli. It was delicious! Our server was sweet and thorough and made a point of going back in to the kitchen and clarifying a few details about the meals gluten free status for me. The steak was perfectly medium rare and the lobster tail was ok. I had never tried lobster before and found it to be incredibly salty, it made me miss the wide array of fresh seafood available in Oregon, specifically crab. It was a good night though, we ended it with candle shopping and wine.

One last thing before I share the normal Timeout details… I LOVE MY JOB! Starting at a new hospital was nerve wrecking but I am soooooo happy. They have an amazing Employee Assistance Program so I am already in therapy (for free!) and one thing this EAP system provides is case management. Another words not only do I get to talk to someone I also have the option to have a social worker who helps with appointments, medication/pharmacy, diet, and lifestyle. I’ve been referred to a psychiatrist for medication management and will also be working with the psychiatrist’s in house therapist once my health insurance kicks in. I despised my last psychiatrist and while the EAP program at my last work place did offer therapy it was only 3 sessions a year and there was no case management.

Alright, I’ve rambled long enough… on to Tuesday Timeout!

Weigh In: 319.6lbs
Starting Weight: 360lbs. Previous Weight: 324.6lbs. Current Loss/Gain: -5lbs.
I have seen the scale as low as 313lbs in the past week or two but ate a sodium heavy dinner last night so I am not stressing this mornings number.

Goals for the Week
Take my medications every single day, morning and night.
Drink at least 64ounces of water daily.
Track everyday.


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May 192014

I have been slacking on working out lately. Since I broke my leg & ankle in January it’s been hard to find the right balance of activity to rest. My leg is still sore from about mid-calf down, especially through the sides of my ankle and the top of my foot. It tires very easily and the long drive from Oregon to Ohio took me almost a week to recover from physically.  The move itself was done on a small scale. I packed everything important and essential (scrubs, clothes, the cat, most of my kitchen stuff) everything fit in the back of my car. When I got to Nick’s and unpacked we realized there were a few things we definitely needed.

His place was the definition of bachelor pad… bare walls, over-sized TV, and minimal furniture. So we have been spending a lot of his weekends walking through big box stores looking for furniture. Man oh man, Ikea is dangerous and exhausting! I have to admit I count those trips as exercise because it wears me and my leg out. The first time we went to Ikea I was wearing flip flops and by the time I got home my ankle was puffy and I was basically couch bound for the rest of the day. The last time we went I wore my Brooks and brace and fared much better.

Once my job starts and I’m in a routine it should be easier to incorporate working out in to my week. I crave routine and balance. Right now everything is a little off kilter waiting to start orientation. Without a consistent schedule I am much more likely to procrastinate and nap. The good news is that my diet is right on track. We’ve managed to maintain a gluten free kitchen area for me and resist the temptations of soda and sugary treats. When I’m craving a treat I slather some peanut butter on top of a crunchy granola bar and call it good.

Hopefully I’ll make it out for another run this week! My goal is to run a 5k by September 13th so training has to start soon.

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May 172014

When I was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2005 I lived with my parents and sister and then went on to hop from state to state living with friends, going to college, getting married/divorced, and once again having roommates. It was difficult to keep up with a gluten free diet while living with people who didn’t eat the same way I did. Interestingly enough my college roommate and a friend I lived with in Wisconsin have both been diagnosed with Celiac Disease since we lived together.

When I decided to move in with Nick we talked a lot about my diet and the way a simple crumb could make me sick. He has been incredibly understanding and supportive and if he gets annoyed he does a good job of hiding it. We both love to cook but since I am waiting for my new job to start in June I’ve taken over the majority of housework and cooking since he works full time and I need something to keep me busy.

To make grocery shopping easier I made a menu for the week and wanted to share it with you. Most of the time I gravitate to naturally gluten free meals to avoid the hassle of replacements and baking but this week I went ahead and bought pasta, bread mix, and brownie mix.

Breakfast & Lunches:
Eggs, fried/baked potatoes, cereal, banana pancakes, granola, sliced bell peppers/carrots/sugar snap peas, yogurt and fruit.

Banana Pancakes & Sausage
Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce
Baked Chicken & Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Sausage w/Peppers & Onions
Bunless Hamburgers & Baked French Fries
Teriyaki Stirfry w/Maifun

Brownies with ice cream and hot fudge sauce.

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May 152014

I am moving my Tuesday Timeout to Thursdays in hopes of the spirit of starting now rather than waiting a week to begin tracking again.

Weigh In: 324.6
Starting Weight: 360lbs, Previous Weight: 316lbs.  Current Loss/Gain: +8.6lbs.

Non Scale Victories:
I got a new job! Exactly a week after moving to Ohio I was hired by a local hospital. All my boxes are empty and the apartment is situated… and I went for my first run in a looooong time.

Life has been chaotic and busy lately. My focus has mainly been on getting settled and adjusting to life away from family and friends in a new state. My new job requires wearing a certain color of scrubs (goodbye all my pretty/colorful tops) so I spent quite a bit of time at the uniform store trying on different styles in the hospital approved navy. The 3x sets fit but were a little snug so I am determined to lose a few pounds before orientation starts in June.

Goals for the Week:

  • Workout or walk every day.
  • Track food in My Fitness Pal every day.
  • Take meds every day.
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May 142014

A quick recap of what’s happened since I last posted:

  • In January I fell and broke my leg/ankle in 3 places.
  • I was off work for 7 weeks and am still not up to full strength.
  • My sister and her two kids lived with me for 2 months which means I have a phone full of adorable pictures.
  • I moved to Ohio at the end of April and am now living with my boyfriend and our pets.
  • In June I start my new job at a teaching hospital in Cincinnati.

Life has been busy and full of change lately. I am doing my best to keep up and want to start writing again. There are definitely a few experiences I want to blog about and I know as things fall in to place here in Ohio I will have lots more to talk about. Unlike in November when I said I was going to start posting again soon this time I really mean it.


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Nov 152013

Hello hello.

I’m not sure how to start my Honey I’m Home speech. Several reasons have contributed to my absence the past few months. In my next post I will share some of them since writing helps me work through ideas.

For now though I just wanted to say I’m here, and getting back on track. Blogging helps keep me accountable, this time I will stick with it!


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Jun 302013

The sun is beating down on the Southwest region of the United States, something you may already know if you watch/read the news. What you won’t hear a lot about is the heat we are experiencing in the Pacific Northwest, which is accompanied by an unusual 100% humidity. The normal summer temperature here is 72 to 73 degrees (62-65 in town) with low humidity. Today town hit 81 and where I live hit 92. Throw in a high pollen level and having to sleep in a sun-room during the day…

I haven’t been sleeping. Not sleeping, pollen, and humidity all trigger my asthma. Struggling to breath makes me tired. I skip working out when I’m tired. When I don’t work out I stress out about not working out. There is enough going on in my life that I don’t need to stress about anything else right now!

Work has been busy, I worked 95 hours in two weeks, and was scheduled to work 107. When I got off this morning I begged a coworker to take my shift tonight and went to my Mom’s to sleep. She doesn’t live far from me so it was already 90 degrees when I got there, but she has more fans and not as many windows (I have south, east, and north facing windows – it’s more a steam room than a sun-room at the moment)… so I crawled in to bed and actually got 8 solid hours of sleep today.

Then I got up and worked out. I ran 1 mile and walked 1 mile. It felt great to be working out for the first time in NINE days. Sleeping, working out, and not working are making me feel better already. My asthma is still touchy, but hopefully I will be able to sleep at night until this heat wave passes.

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Jun 262013

Weigh In: 312.5

Starting weight: 360lbs, Week 2 weight: 310lbs. Total loss: 48.5lbs, Weekly loss: -2.5lbs.
I’m disappointed but realize this number could be worse. My diet was a wreck, and I indulged almost every day. Going up 2.5lbs hurts, but it’s better than 5lbs.

Non Scale Victories:

I drank wine! With a friend! While watching a movie! At her house! Yeahp, definitely a victory for me. I’m not much of a social person, and tend to bail out on plans that include other people. Plus I wasn’t sure how I would tolerate alcohol on my new medications. One glass seemed to be perfect and I enjoyed the movie and her company.


For the most part last week sucked. I didn’t get enough sleep, didn’t eat or drink well, and didn’t work out like I wanted to. Working 7 days out of 8 was a bad idea, and I ended up missing meds and sleeping too much. I did make some important choices, and look forward to seeing them payout through the rest of the year. 

My garden took off and I’ve harvested all my spinach (which is already regrowing) and a good part of my collard greens. The hot peppers in the green house suffered though, and I’m not sure they are going to make it. I also lost two gold fish, which means the one left is lonely. I’ll have to deal with that this weekend.

Goal Recap:

No carbonated beverages. – About 75% successful, I had two sodas… both at the end of my long week.
Work out 3 times by Tuesday. – Failed. I only worked out once.
Stay sane. – Not sure how, but I managed this one.
No fast food. – 100% success!

Week 4 Goals:

Work out 3 times.
No carbonated beverages.
Don’t miss any meds.
No junk food.

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Jun 242013
The 10 days have not been all that great. Between the crazy work schedule, a change in my meds, payday, and some unneeded drama I am whooped. There ups and downs with my eating, some days were better than others. My sleep suffered so much that one day I crashed in town on friends couch instead of brave the 45 minute drive home. 

I have decided to move. The cottage I live in now is serene, and when I first moved in the distance from town was perfect. It kept me from using shopping as therapy and helped me realize how important downtime is after work. I also became much more comfortable behind the wheel, and learned to drive while tired. 

Unforgettably there are times I am simply too tired. 45 minutes each way and 12 hour shifts eat in to the time I have to sleep while home. Another reason I’ve decided to move is school. It’s time to go back, and I can’t afford the gas to drive both to work and college. After writing out a pros and cons list I decided it was time to go. Hopefully I will find out Wednesday if the place I looked at in town is mine! 

As much as I will miss the cheap rent, gorgeous yard, and quiet community I am looking forward to being less than 2 miles from my work, doctor, psychiatrist, a gym, the store, college, and my friends. Even though the rent will be more expensive, I will still be saving money on gas and laundry, since there are washer/dryer hook-ups. I’ll have to get some furniture, since the cottage came partially furnished, a dining table or desk, an end table and coffee table, rugs, oh… and a washer and a dryer. 

School, moving… It’s been a crazy week in my head and instead of running it out I indulged in food. Tuesday’s weigh-in isn’t going to be pretty. I am slowly getting myself back on track and hope to handle the upcoming changes in a healthier way. 

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Jun 192013

I drafted this post in my notebook last night at work, thinking I’d get up early enough today to write it out before work. Instead I slept until the last moment and left my notebook at home by the computer. Hopefully I can remember everything. On to this weeks Tuesday Timeout!

Weigh In: 310 
Starting weight: 360lbs, Week 1 weight: 312lbs. Total loss: 50lbs, Week 1 loss: 2lbs.
I was actually pleasantly suprised to have a loss this week. Monday was my splurge today (normally it’s Wednesdays) and I had a ton of sodium, so I expected to mantain, rather than lose. Down is good!

Non Scale Victories:

I PR’d my best mile! Driving home from work I kept going over my best mile 16:52, trying to figure out how I did it, convincing myself there was no way I’d be able to beat that PR anytime soon as my normal mile is still around the 18 minute mark. Then I got to the gym and killed it.

New PR.

Medication side effects are slowly becoming a thing of the past. I feel more like me this past week, which is hard to describe. I still feel different, but the more emotional/creative side of my brain has started to push through the the fog of the mood stablizers. I do enjoy being more productive and focused though. So this new balance is encouraging.

My expirement with individual sunteas went very well, this is something I will be repeating this throughout the summer. Crazy Week at work is almost halfway over. I failed to prepare for it as well as I should have, which has made it more stressful. If this ever happens again (working 7 days out of 8) I WILL make sure I am on the ball about packing lunches, having laundry done, and the house clean before the week starts.

Goals Recap:
Track food every day. – Succes! I tracked 6 out of 7.

Stick to meal plan. – Fail. I stuck to a plan 1 day of 7.
Work out 3 times by Monday. – Succes. I am enjoying the gym, I run faster/harder on the treadmill and don’t feel as worried about dizziness/falling as I do on the road. Having access to all the other equipment is nice too. I also get sweatier, which makes me feel more succesful.

Soaked with sweat!

Drink only water, fresh juice, tea, or coffee. (Chocolate almond milk ok as a treat) : Fail. I drank soda several times.
Stay sane: Mostly succesful, better planner would be helpful.

Week 3 Goals:

No carbonated beverages.
Work out 3 times by Tuesday.
Stay sane.
No fast food.

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