May 142014

A quick recap of what’s happened since I last posted:

  • In January I fell and broke my leg/ankle in 3 places.
  • I was off work for 7 weeks and am still not up to full strength.
  • My sister and her two kids lived with me for 2 months which means I have a phone full of adorable pictures.
  • I moved to Ohio at the end of April and am now living with my boyfriend and our pets.
  • In June I start my new job at a teaching hospital in Cincinnati.

Life has been busy and full of change lately. I am doing my best to keep up and want to start writing again. There are definitely a few experiences I want to blog about and I know as things fall in to place here in Ohio I will have lots more to talk about. Unlike in November when I said I was going to start posting again soon this time I really mean it.


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Nov 152013

Hello hello.

I’m not sure how to start my Honey I’m Home speech. Several reasons have contributed to my absence the past few months. In my next post I will share some of them since writing helps me work through ideas.

For now though I just wanted to say I’m here, and getting back on track. Blogging helps keep me accountable, this time I will stick with it!


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Jun 082013

I bought a laptop today! It’s older and used, but it’s mine. Generally when I make big ticket purchases like this I end up over analyzing and regretting it for days. Hopefully that won’t happen this time because I got it at an extremely good price and after going a year without a computer I’d say I’ve earned this small indulgence.

Having a computer and internet at home makes things so much easier. I’ll be able to stay on top of one of my volunteer jobs better (when I go back at the end of the summer), blogging will be much easier, and I honestly think I will see a change in my weight loss. The tools I currently use on my phone are all available on the computer and are much easier to use that way!

Over the next few days I hope to go back and revise some of my older posts with bigger pictures. I’ve been toying with changing the name of the blog. My Mom said it doesn’t make much sense and while the meaning is perfectly clear to me, I know it might seem strange to others. What do you think?

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Apr 302013

I have been struggling with a desire to communicate with others lately. First I had this blog, but without a computer it has been difficult to maintain. So I made a Facebook page, but it didn’t feel right. Instagram is amazing, but sometimes I have a lot more to say than a blurb to go with a picture. Although aren’t these flowers from my Mom beautiful?

So I have tried a few different apps and social network sites, but nothing seems to fit. Finally, I bit the bullet and paid for BlogPress. This is my first post using it, hopefully it works! I have so much to share.

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