Jun 122017

Nearly 3 years have passed since I sat down to write a blog post. In that time a lot has happened. My About Me page will definitely need an update if I stick with blogging this time around. The one thing that hasn’t changed in those 3 years is my weight, at least not permanently. There have been stretches of time when I’ve stayed on track and managed to lose a chunk, like June of 2015 when I was down to 280. On the flip side of that there have been times where I have ballooned back up to almost 350, like right now.

I’m not sure of my actual weight at the moment, it’s been a few weeks since I had the courage to step on the scale. My hope is to pick up where I left off with blogging, so tomorrow should be Tuesday Timeout. I’ll step on the scale in the morning and see exactly where I’m at. This will give me a good “starting” point as well. As of right now, I’m writing for myself. The plan is use the blog as a way to track my achievements and pitfalls, to chronicle the healthier choices I have been trying to make and to work through some of the sticky thinking and bad habits I am still plagued by.

Which leads me to this weekend… it was wonderful! My birthday was the 11th and I spent the weekend celebrating with family and friends. My shoulders are pink from a little too much sun at the pool, and my belly still remembers all the delicious food consumed. This morning I got up at 4:20 and went to the gym for my first battle ropes class. Oh my word, am I sore now! It was excruciating and wonderful. At times I could barely lift my arms, and of course I made the rookie mistake of not bringing my water in to the class. Once it was over (yay!) I hit the shower and hurried to work.

Surprisingly, my energy level is high and despite being sore I feel great. Getting out of bed an hour earlier to go for a walk or do yoga doesn’t do it for me, but getting out of bed to go slam ropes in to the ground… apparently that does. Luckily there are classes at my Y every Monday and Thursday so I could easily make a habit out of going if I try hard enough.

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Jun 142013

I burned 1,428 calories today. Which I used to have small, but amazing late birthday celebration at the river followed by baby back ribs, baked potatoes, and brussel sprouts. Turning 29 was fun, I was spoiled (my family is extremely low key with birthdays). My parents bought me a scarf, a trivet, paint brushes (yay!), and a butterfly decoration for my car. My sister is sending a new case for my iPhone, and my Grandparents always send money – which I used to buy the dress in my last post. Of course I got myself presents too, mainly my computer and a gym membership.

After we went swimming today I headed to my new gym and got everything set up. Then I ran for the first time in over a week. I’ve been so scared of getting dizzy that I just stopped trying. With some encouragement I was able to at least get on the treadmill… which of course is easier, so I ran harder and I am feeling it now! I tried out the elliptical and the stationary bike and hope to give the other machines a chance later on. This gym is open 24 hours (a rarity in our tiny community) and far from fancy, but it has the tools to get the job done. It’s right on my way to and from work, so my plan is to utilize it on my way home on work days, and then use the road on the days I have off.
It’s time to pack lunches and I am SO tired of the monotony of what I pack. Always leftovers, veggies, and salad. This week I am trying to break it up a little. Here is what I’m packing, keep in mind I eat all three daily meals at work…
Chili & Garlic Salmon with capri vegetables
Broccoli, sugar snap peas, and cheese.
Spinach and balsamic strawberry salad.
Mashed sweet potato
Lemon or Peach Greek Yogurt
Sun Tea
Hopefully the variety will keep me interested and out of the cafeteria, where I tend to make bad choices. Next week (or maybe the week after) I plan to use a meal plan from Happy Herbivore. It’s plant based and gluten free which makes it easy to stick to the type of diet I tend to function best on. I will probably keep eating yogurt (I hate soy yogurt), honey, fish, and very occasionally meat or dairy. I bought a month subscription though, so I am going to try and stick to what I paid for.
Have a great weekend!
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Jun 042013

I found a Billy Blanks VHS at the thrift store a while back and picked it up. Memories of high school gym class came to mind when I saw it, since Tae Bo was one of the very few things I enjoyed in gym class.

What I didn’t realize when I shelled out my $1 was this is an instructional video. Booo. After about 30 minutes I turned it off out of sheer frustration. It was a good stretch for my muscles and I may use it again if I’m sick or need something slow/low impact, but it’s not the sweaty workout I was hoping for. Live and learn.

Today I saw my new Psychiatrist. We talked a little and then got down and dirty with my meds. It was reassuring to discuss what the long term plan is. Right now I am titrating one down and one up. Hopefully when all my blood work shows the proper levels I will be on just one out of the three new ones.

And I know I said it before, but if I keep on track it is very likely I will be off my blood pressure and insulin resistance meds here soon as well! This is my kind of news!
This blog is jumbled and about a bit if everything so this post will follow suit.

Today would be my Dad’s 54th birthday. This past week has been a time to remember and celebrate his life. Saturday I went to the river and spent most of my time on the shore with a book. My Dad was NOT the outdoorsy type, he loved to read so it was fitting that I read instead of swam.

I did burn though. You can’t see it as well in this picture, but redness on my chest is on both shoulders and halfway down my back. There is also some on my face but a lot of it has already turned to freckles. Uugh.

I wanted freckles growing up and never got them. Now I can’t avoid them. There is a line of them across my upper lip that makes me look like I have a mustache. Enough with the complaining, all in all things are moving along well.

Here are some pics of the river Saturday.

My shoes started to float away.

And a bonus picture of whiskers!

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