Jun 192017

I don’t have much to say this morning. Got home from Battle Ropes and made myself a big cup of Keto Proof coffee. Feeling pretty energetic considering I only got about 4.5 hours of sleep and there were way fewer rest intervals in class today. My husband isn’t awake yet so I’m tiptoeing around the apartment, waiting…

I just wanted to take a moment and document how great I feel. Getting up and going to class this morning was not a smooth process. Something about getting up at 4:30 am when I don’t have to work seems ludicrous. I did it though!

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May 192014

I have been slacking on working out lately. Since I broke my leg & ankle in January it’s been hard to find the right balance of activity to rest. My leg is still sore from about mid-calf down, especially through the sides of my ankle and the top of my foot. It tires very easily and the long drive from Oregon to Ohio took me almost a week to recover from physically.  The move itself was done on a small scale. I packed everything important and essential (scrubs, clothes, the cat, most of my kitchen stuff) everything fit in the back of my car. When I got to Nick’s and unpacked we realized there were a few things we definitely needed.

His place was the definition of bachelor pad… bare walls, over-sized TV, and minimal furniture. So we have been spending a lot of his weekends walking through big box stores looking for furniture. Man oh man, Ikea is dangerous and exhausting! I have to admit I count those trips as exercise because it wears me and my leg out. The first time we went to Ikea I was wearing flip flops and by the time I got home my ankle was puffy and I was basically couch bound for the rest of the day. The last time we went I wore my Brooks and brace and fared much better.

Once my job starts and I’m in a routine it should be easier to incorporate working out in to my week. I crave routine and balance. Right now everything is a little off kilter waiting to start orientation. Without a consistent schedule I am much more likely to procrastinate and nap. The good news is that my diet is right on track. We’ve managed to maintain a gluten free kitchen area for me and resist the temptations of soda and sugary treats. When I’m craving a treat I slather some peanut butter on top of a crunchy granola bar and call it good.

Hopefully I’ll make it out for another run this week! My goal is to run a 5k by September 13th so training has to start soon.

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Sep 302012

Cranberry beans are soaking for tomorrows dinner.

The bed is stripped so I can wash sheets, and put on an electric mattress pad.

A few new songs are playing on my phone.

The RV smells like my version of fall… Eucalyptus and mint wax replaced my guava berry wax in the melter.

A basketful of squash is nestled behind my coffee pot.

Tomorrow I’m picking more apples, and buying organic fresh roasted coffee and local dried cranberries.

The kitties are both on antibiotics, so my cabinet is overflowing with soft food.

The first season of Fringe is on my shelf.

The air has turned crisp and fog covers the road most of the morning.

Just a few more dishes to go and they are all clean.

The fridge is full, so is the freezer and my cabinets.

Gummy probiotics are actually yummy… Maybe I’ll switch my other vitamins to gummies too.

Bed calls, Sunday School starts a 9:30.

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Sep 282012

Was reading through an old to do list on my phones notepad… It had the standard chores on there, clean fridge, take out trash, beat rugs… And smell toilet.

It was written in April and I honestly don’t know if I followed trough on the list. Don’t want to know, actually.

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Sep 212012

Writing out my shopping list today… And managed to add Toliet Pepper to my list instead of toilet paper.

Wish I had something other than my brain to blame.

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