Jun 052013

I was doing great until I hit 1 mile, I ran the entire downhill portion of the road and was having very little problem finishing my 30 seconds of running. Then the dizziness set in and I couldn’t move without feeling like I was going to pitch forward. I paused my app and rested against the side rail of the bridge for five minutes.

Feeling a little better I took off at a walk… And fell flat on my face. To dizzy to be anything but desperate to go home I gave in and called my Mom. Then I very slowly made my way back to the railing.

I was a little over a mile from home and I couldn’t even walk the rest of the way. Furious at myself doesn’t even cover it. I was crying by the time my parents showed up and nearly fell getting in the van and could barely shut the door.

I’m home now and sitting down. Still dizzy. Still mad. Not crying. I have some theories about why I was fine Monday and awful today. Time will let me know if they are true.

In happy news I was able to switch myself over to night shift today. I stayed up until about 5:30am working on an armband to wear on my runs. I found the pattern at Cult of Crochet.

Mine came out a little different because I couldn’t find my yarn needle, but it is actually quite comfortable and stays in place!


I would have bought one but I have rather large upper arms and didn’t want to have to return something because it wasn’t wide enough around.

This was the perfect solution because I was able to adapt the pockets to fit my iPhone (I have a boxy case) and make a second pocket big enough for my inhaler and id. If you’re crafty and looking for an armband I highly suggest making your own!

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  2 Responses to “Dizzy & New Armband”

  1. I never thought about crocheting an armband! My sister seems to be allergic to something and can’t wear the one she bought.

    Is the dizziness a side effect that will wear off as you get used to the meds? Sorry about your run. =(

  2. It was surprisingly easy to crochet! I used an acrylic yarn so I could wash it as much as I wanted, but I bet you could use whatever your sister isn’t sensitive too.

    I think it’s the meds and how close I take them to activity. The pharmacist and my normal doc say it can take weeks for it to go away. 🙁

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