May 192014

I have been slacking on working out lately. Since I broke my leg & ankle in January it’s been hard to find the right balance of activity to rest. My leg is still sore from about mid-calf down, especially through the sides of my ankle and the top of my foot. It tires very easily and the long drive from Oregon to Ohio took me almost a week to recover from physically.  The move itself was done on a small scale. I packed everything important and essential (scrubs, clothes, the cat, most of my kitchen stuff) everything fit in the back of my car. When I got to Nick’s and unpacked we realized there were a few things we definitely needed.

His place was the definition of bachelor pad… bare walls, over-sized TV, and minimal furniture. So we have been spending a lot of his weekends walking through big box stores looking for furniture. Man oh man, Ikea is dangerous and exhausting! I have to admit I count those trips as exercise because it wears me and my leg out. The first time we went to Ikea I was wearing flip flops and by the time I got home my ankle was puffy and I was basically couch bound for the rest of the day. The last time we went I wore my Brooks and brace and fared much better.

Once my job starts and I’m in a routine it should be easier to incorporate working out in to my week. I crave routine and balance. Right now everything is a little off kilter waiting to start orientation. Without a consistent schedule I am much more likely to procrastinate and nap. The good news is that my diet is right on track. We’ve managed to maintain a gluten free kitchen area for me and resist the temptations of soda and sugary treats. When I’m craving a treat I slather some peanut butter on top of a crunchy granola bar and call it good.

Hopefully I’ll make it out for another run this week! My goal is to run a 5k by September 13th so training has to start soon.

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