Aug 122014

It’s been a while but I refuse to feel guilty about my lack of updating here. First and foremost my priority has to be accountability to myself, not the world wide web. In my last post I mentioned that my focus has been largely on taking my meds, drinking enough water, and tracking my food. I’ve managed to be pretty consistent with my meds, the rest not so much. There are plenty of reasons why and none of them really matter.

I’ve decided to call this phase of my journey the reboot to help keep things clear in my own mind. Part of the Reboot has been devoted to self care. Time alone, small indulgences, days off when I need them, trips to the library, and spending quality time with Nick. Another part includes taking full advantage of my health insurance and getting things on track medically. My new general provider is pretty damn cool. She made a small adjustment to my blood pressure medication, insisted I eat more protein and promptly referred me to a physical therapist when asked.

The new psychiatrist is cool too. She also made a small medication adjustment and encouraged me to try a sleeping pill that I had bad luck with last summer. So far it seems to be working much better than before. A large part of this could be that I have reduced my coffee intake from 32 ounces a day to 8 ounces. 1 cup. That’s it. I won’t lie and say that this has been easy or fun and I am only 5 days in but I am glad she challenged me to try it.

In other news work is going well. Life is busy and there some sources of stress I am coping with but nothing major. I will try and check in here more often.

On to the stats!

Weigh In: 313lbs
Starting Weight: 360lbs. Reboot Weight: 324lbs.
Previous Weight: 319lbs. Current Loss/Gain: -6lbs.
Total Loss: 47lbs. Reboot Loss: 11lbs.








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