Jun 132017

I stepped on the scale at 5:30am this morning and frowned. The neon blue numbers weren’t what I wanted to see. They were however, what I expected. On the car ride to work I spent some time mulling over what I was going to let the numbers mean to me and what sort of action, if any, they would inspire. A conclusion came to me rather quickly…

I am currently not trying to lose weight. Instead, I am focused on getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, logging all my food in MyFitnessPal, and staying active. My current goal is feel better, get stronger, and increase my endurance. If weight loss happens to be a byproduct of the work I am putting in to achieving these goals, hooray!

Last summer was rough. I tripped going down a flight of stairs and tore up my previously broken ankle. On the same day my best friend shattered her leg and spent the rest of the summer in and out of the hospital for surgeries and infections. As soon as she was stable, I had to have surgery on my ankle. All the wonderful sunny days Ohio has to offer in the summer were wasted on me. I didn’t go swimming once. I can’t remember going for any walks, and I definitely didn’t spend enough time sitting on the porch with a book.

This summer I want to swim, walk, and lounge. I want to get up at 4:30am and go to the gym before work at least 2 days a week (I’d still like to go first thing the rest of the week, but perhaps not so early), for a few different reasons. One, the sun is normally coming up when I leave. It feels good to roll down the windows and enjoy the fresh air on my way home/to work. Two, the energy I have for the rest of the day is AMAZEBALLS! Three, if I can get in this routine of getting up and out of the house early in the mornings now, it’ll be easier to do when winter comes and it’s no longer pleasurable to do so. Snow, ice, wind, and cold are not my friend.

Despite choosing not to focus on my weight this summer I am going to continue weighing in on Tuesday mornings and posting the numbers. I’ll also be checking in on my goals from the previous week and setting new ones for the week to come.

Weigh In:

Made it through an entire battle ropes class without quitting.
Went down the slides at the outdoor pool, didn’t get stuck or drown. Irrational fear conquered!

Goal Check In:
Since is the “first” week of Tuesday Timeout I don’t have much to say, yet. Stay tuned for next weeks ramble.

New Goals:

  • Reduce liquid calorie intake.
  • Eat smaller portion at dinner.
  • Follow workout schedule.
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