Jun 272017

1st Weigh In: 342lbs
Last Week Weigh In: 334.2
Today’s Weigh In: 332.5


  • Tried water volleyball and loved it.
  • A shirt I purchased just a few months ago is baggy.
  • Went to COSI and didn’t get tired walking around.

Goal Check In:

  • Reduce liquid calorie intake. –  100% successful aside from Keto Proof Coffee
  • Eat smaller portion at dinner. – Overall successful. 
  • Follow workout schedule. – Only missed one workout, and that’s because I was on a day trip to COSI.
  • Continue to work on previous goals. – Done, done, done! 
  • Drink 64 ounces of water a day. – Pretty sure I hit the mark almost every day.
  • Start counting and reducing carb intake to facilitate easier transition to keto. – I’ve been completely keto for a week on Wednesday, but definitely starting eat low carb about 4 days before that.

New Goals:

  • Continue to work on previous goals.
  • Incorporate more fats and vegetables into diet.
  • Reduce dairy consumption.
  • Start training to walk half marathon in October.
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