Jul 042017

This week I’ve been wrestling with the idea of moving my Tuesday weigh in to another day of the week. Right now the contender is Sunday as that’s when my husband weighs in. Weekends tend to be more calorie heavy with less calorie expenditure though, so I’m not sure. I might try it Sunday and see it goes. If I don’t like it, then back to Tuesday’s it’ll be.

1st Weigh In: 342lbs
Last Week Weigh In: 332.5
Today’s Weigh In: 327.8


I’ve been battling a GI bug for about 5 full days now and didn’t do much beyond the bare minimum (cooking, work, cleaning…) this week. Hopefully I’m on the upswing and the coming week will be better.

  • Didn’t “cheat” despite being sick. In fact, last night I made a no-noodle chicken soup that rivals most noodle laden soups I’ve made in the past.
  • Tried on clothes at Torrid and found I now solidly fit into a 3 instead of being a 3/4.

Goal Check In:

  • Drink 64 ounces of water a day. – Done.
  • Start counting and reducing carb intake to facilitate easier transition to keto. – Transition complete! I’ve been averaging about 9% carbs, 69% fat, and 22% protein.
  • Continue to work on previous goals. – See above.
  • Incorporate more fats and vegetables into diet. – Definitely upped my game on both counts.
  • Reduce dairy consumption. – Working on it. I made progress, but… cheese!
  • Start training to walk half marathon in October. – I completed 2 of 4 training sessions before being hit by the aforementioned bug. 

New Goals:

  • Continue to work on previous goals.
  • Take it easy physically. (This bug has depleted my energy stores.)
  • Try a carb up day.
  • Focus on skin care.
  • Stretch more.
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