Jul 192017

Good morning and welcome to a not-so-new but on a different day series! I’ve moved my official weigh in day to Wednesdays, although I’ve found that stepping on the scale more than once a week is actually beneficial for me on a personal level. The ketogenic diet is very new to me still. I am still learning appropriate portion sizes, and experimenting with macros to see what feels best for my body. Although the focus of this way of eating, for me, is not weight loss, when you weigh as much as I do it’s important to know what influence food, activity, stress, and hormones have on that number. I’ve moved my official weigh in day to Wednesdays for many reasons. The biggest of which is that Wednesday is the only guaranteed weekday I have off, making it the best day to sit down and write out a blog post. It’s also far enough away from the weekend that any splurges should have been balanced out by a couple days of good eating and activity.

Speaking of activity… it’s not been the best week for it. Last Wednesday I had a conflict with a close friend. The stress from that situation sent my body into a tailspin. On Thursday I started my period (I have a Mirena IUD and am never quite sure when Aunt Flow is coming to town), had some severe digestive issues, and woke up on Friday with allergies and a head cold to top everything off. I managed to complete two of my workouts but took the rest of the week off. My appetite was basically non-existent, most days I had to force myself to eat more than 900 or 1000 calories, and the idea of putting more stress on my body at the gym just didn’t appeal to me. After listening to several podcasts (current favorites are The Nourished Podcast, Keto for Women, and The Keto Diet) and reading Leanne Vogel’s Book, The Keto Diet, I changed my thinking on working out.

There are certain activities I really enjoy. Battle Ropes, water aerobics, and cardio dance classes being the top three. Other things, like walking, are ok but don’t feed my soul the same way. I want to continue walking and would love to eventually learn to run again, but when I’m feeling unwell I want to stick with things that make me feel good both physically and mentally. Training to walk a half marathon was a fun concept, but one I am tabling for now. It turns out the half I planned to walk is the day after the Insane Inflatable 5K I already promised to do with friends, so I am going to start training to participate in that instead. Luckily the 5K is more of a fun event, so as long as I can get to the point where I can walk a solid 3 miles and handle the obstacles, I’ll be good to go!

My activity level was not the only thing to change last week, my feelings regarding carbs and carb ups shifted also. On Saturdays my local YMCA has a farm stand in the parking lot, I stopped by on my way out of cardio dance class, and couldn’t resist the watermelon. It was worth every single bite! In fact, a few cups sprinkled with salt stimulated my appetite enough that I was able to eat what I made for dinner and a snack too. I’ve been snacking on a piece here and there ever since and don’t regret it all. My weight is still trending down and my body, despite being sick, feels good. When I found keto on Reddit in June I was all about it. No carbs, death to sugar! Funny how just a few weeks of listening to my body and trying to eat intuitively changed my entire outlook on this way of eating. I still keep my carbs low (generally under 40 net) unless it’s a carb up night, but fruit and occasional treats definitely have a place in my diet.

1st Weigh In: 342lbs
Last Week Weigh In: 326.8
Today’s Weigh In: 317


  • I’m taking my sleeping aid less and less. Falling asleep is much easier than it used to be.
  • Getting up out of a chair is much easier, as it getting up off the floor.
  • I actually have to tie the strings on my scrub pants to make the waist fit.
  • The extra weight I was carrying in my chest and shoulder area is melting away. Shaving my arm pits used to be hard because there was so much flab in the way.

Goal Check In:

  • Stretch more. – Didn’t happen.
  • No fruit until the weekend. – I had 5 strawberries on Thursday.
  • Complete entire first week of half-marathon training. – I walked on Tuesday, that’s it.

New Goals:

  • Stop making such concrete goals.
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