Jul 262017

You’ll see down below that my weight went up this week. I was expecting this and am not stressed about it. The week before last was stressful, both emotionally and physically. So when I was given the chance to go away for a long weekend with friends I jumped on it. I will go into detail about the trip later, but it involved eating out… a lot.

I stayed gluten free (always!) but did not stay keto or low dairy. Regret isn’t the word I would use to describe my dietary choices but I will likely approach eating out on vacation differently next time. It’s crazy what carbs do to my body. Last year around this time I was preparing for ankle surgery and had to get a release from my primary care doctor. I remember talking to her about how I was having so much muscle and joint pain, and how I couldn’t seem to shake the brain fog that has plagued me before when I didn’t eat gluten free.

We ran a bunch of tests to see if there were other auto-immune issues at play other than Celiac Disease and found nothing. Shortly afterward I had surgery and started focusing on healing rather than on how crappy I felt. It wasn’t until I starting eating Keto at the end of June that the constant aches and sluggish brain went away. Carbs (in excess) and I simply don’t get along.

Everything hurt this week. Every old injury, every joint, my head, my eyes, it was nuts. This was on top of bronchitis (I haven’t had much luck health wise the past few weeks but I’m slowly getting better and rebuilding my immune system) and some lingering period issues. My relationship with carbs definitely has to stay casual. I’m sad that I undid some progress but glad that I learned this so early on in my journey.

1st Weigh In: 342lbs
Last Week Weigh In:  317
Today’s Weigh In: 321.2


  • Despite having bronchitis and being achy from all the carbs I had a physically active weekend.
  • I faced a few fears regarding swimming and water that isn’t in a pool. (more to come on this in another post.)
  • I jumped right back into eating keto on Tuesday morning.

Goal Check In:

  • Stop making such concrete goals. – I enjoyed a week without any goals but miss having something to work towards.

New Goals:

  • Stay casual with carbs.
  • Work out 3 times.
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