Aug 302017


Vacation derailed my weekly blogging schedule. I (fingers crossed) hope I am back on track now. Nick and I have another trip coming up in a few weeks and Iam going to try harder to stay on track with updating on Wednesdays throughout.

I have a lot to say but for now, I will tell you that it was great and move on to the real reason for this post.

1st Weigh In: 342lbs
Last Week Weigh In: 315 (two weeks ag0), 310.8 (1 week ago)
Today’s Weigh In: 308.4

I went to a big concert and survived. For a little bit I thought the noise was going to be too much but after a song or two my brain stopped screaming and I was able to enjoy the music. It’s not something I can see myself doing a lot, but at least now I know I can enjoy one if the chance comes up.

Goals Check In:
Carb Casual! – Check! I’ve managed to stay on the low end of carbs most of the time, and even on days where I have deviated from my Keto way of eating I haven’t felt too bad. It’s been kind of nice to indulge a little without sacrificing the way I feel and function.

New Goal:
Get back to the gym. – It’s time! I want to go at least once a week for something other than water class. Wether it’s to use the treadmill or take a dance class, it’s time to get back in to my routine and put my YMCA membership to use.

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