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Picture taken by Brian Pape at Findlay Market on 7/8/17.

Hello and welcome to my sliver of the internet. In November of 2011 I started writing about living in an RV and everyday life. Multiple breaks and changes in life have shifted the focus of my writing more to health and weight loss. I am hoping to find a balance in life and in my writing, and don’t plan to focus primarily on any one topic. I’m not blogging to become internet famous or be an influenster, but to chronicle my journey.

If you put stock in (or just want to know), my astrological sign is Gemini, I was born in the year of the rat, my Meyer-Briggs personality type is INFJ, and I wholly embrace my birth-states slogan of Show Me.

I am 33 and still not sure exactly what I want to do with my life career wise. I’ve worked in health care for the past 9 years and am interested in becoming a nutritionist, social worker, or professional nagger. Ok, not really, but I’m just not sure that I need to be sure. What I do pays the bills, helps people, and doesn’t consume my life. I’m ok with that! I used to volunteer as a Court Appointed Special Advocate and at the animal shelter and may go back to doing that soon.

I like to think I’m crafty and enjoy various hobbies such as crochet, sewing, drawing, and painting. I enjoy doing my makeup, bullet journaling, and cooking. Self-care is an important part of my world. Meditation, sleep hygiene, mindfulness, social media awareness, and slowing down are all parts of my self-care practice.

My husband, Nick, and I live together in Cincinnati, Ohio and try to get home to Oregon and Massachusetts to see our families as much as we can. We have a 5-year-old lab-pug mix named Bobby, and a 5-year-old lynx point Siamese named Olivia.

As a child I was diagnosed with ADHD, depression, ODD, and Tourettes. As an adult those issues have morphed into Bipolar 1, which is currently controlled by diet, activity, and self-care. I have taken medication in the past and would not hesitate to do so again if my health care team thought it was needed. I also have Celiac Disease, which makes eating a ketogenic diet even easier!

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