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Writing an about me page is like having a tooth pulled, without the bonus of painkillers at the end. I feel full of myself, and the need to make my life seem glossy and wonderful from the outside can be overwhelming. I am going to try and stick to the basics, and let you learn about me naturally, through my posts… which is the whole point of blogging, right?

So, the basics….


My name is Rachel. I am swiftly approaching 30 and don’t have many qualms about that. I am an INFJ. I married a childhood friend in hopes of beating my youngest sister to the big ‘I do’. My marriage didn’t last, hers is going strong. There are no miniature versions of me terrorizing the world at the moment, so I content myself with the 5 amazing nieces and nephews my two sisters have blessed me with.

Currently I live outside Cincinnati, Ohio with my boyfriend Nick, his dog, and my cat. I was born in Missouri but consider myself to be an Oregonian. The beach is my favorite place to be!

At the moment I work in health care, and while I love my job I know it ‘just for now’. Something bigger is waiting for me. It may in nutrition, or nursing, or social work… all three interest me. I volunteer as a Court Appointed Special Advocate and used to clean cages and feed kitties at the animal shelter. Soon (I’ve been saying that for years now) I will go back to college and earn a degree in something. For now though, I just dream and wonder why I wasted so much money in art school?

Speaking of art, I like to think I’m crafty. I crochet, sew (not very well), paint, play around in Photoshop and have a huge love for hand created beauty. I also LOVE to cook, and make things like rice milk, almond butter, cheese, and lots more from scratch. I’m also a little bit crunchy when it comes to skin care and body products.

My life is full of wonderful people, places, and things. Yet I still struggle with Bipolar 2 and the difficulities of eating gluten free due due to Celiac Disease.

Originally I started this blog to chronicle the transformation of my RV. Now it serves as a place to talk about weight loss, nutrition, mental health, running, crafts, family, God, pets, natural living, yaddy yaddy ya… I just need a place to talk. To be me.

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