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I have struggled with weight since middle school. In recent years I have stopped letting it define me and starting living life in a way that makes me happy. I love being active and have lots of things I want to do (skydiving, paddle boarding, rock climbing) that would all be easier if I lost some weight… so I’m going to lose it!

At the moment I am experimenting with a ketogenic diet and loving it. I have Celiac Disease (diagnosed in 2005) and do not eat gluten. Dairy also tends to be a bit of a struggle for me, especially lactose, so I am currently playing with it and seeing what my body does and does not tolerate.

Exercise wise, I love water aerobics, battle ropes, and walking. I eventually want to do more yoga, start running, and explore different types of physical activity. My biggest challenge with any exercise is doing it consistently enough to see results. Cheer me on if you feel like it!

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